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Largest American Manufacturer Of High Tech Non-Slip Underlay Products

Vantage Industries manufactures PVC coated polyester substrates which is used in a variety of commercial and residential applications. Vantage is the largest American-based manufacturer of high tech non-slip products including rug pads, Industrial liners, house wares, automotive, laminate underlayment, landscape, bath mats, shower mats, health & fitness mats and much more. Extensive research and development projects have generated successful new products and product applications. Examples of products produced by Vantage include: shelf liners, bath mats, shower mats, and sink mats, place mats, transportation damage prevention mats, yoga and physical therapy mats, non-slip poster boards and camping mats, among others.

Superior Levels of Product Quality & Service

At Vantage, we thrive to provide the highest quality products and services available. We also produce a line of rug pads that are made with natural soy bean oils, while other manufacturers use 100% petroleum based oils. We stand behind our products to be superior and sustainable, and it shows with our great warranty program.

Extensive Research & Development

The breadth of the product line, superior levels of product quality and service, and dedication to research and development are all factors that have helped Vantage establish the leadership position. We are always looking to improve our products and services to stay on top of the competition. Our team of experts are the best in the industry and have vast knowledge within the trade and our products.

About the Kittrich Corporation

Kittrich Corporation®, founded in 1978, has established a global presence in products for the home including housewares, yard goods, stationery, and writing instruments, window fashions, organic bath products and pest control. Kittrich has over a million square feet of production and warehousing in the United States with three strategically located facilities throughout the country. Leading the list of Kittrich’s many strengths are flexibility, expertise in tailoring products assortments, merchandising and innovative product development. Significant investments in high tech, high speed-manufacturing equipment and complementary strategic long term relationships with overseas partners allows Kittrich to be a reliable, quality, prime manufacturer that leads the industry in several product categories.

Kittrich Corporation offers products such as decorative adhesive coverings, grips non-adhesives liners, shelf and storage liners, grip accessories, specialty products, and bath supplies; mattresses and pillows; writing instruments that include ballpoints, highlighters, markers, gel sticks and rollers, mechanical pencils, coloring markers, pencils and crayons, back to school accessories; stationary comprising organizational polyvinyl, mailing supplies, and fashion lines; Back to school supplies that include portfolios, theme books, binders, and stretchable book covers; arts and crafts comprising flat-packs, rolls, multipurpose clear supplies, construction paper, mat boards, and drawing/writing pads.

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