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Cleaning Shoelaces The Right Way

You can ruin your shoelaces by not following these simple steps to bright new looking laces.

These instruction supposes white laces, but they work for any color.

Step One:  Fill a small bowl with HOT water (Cool water for color & black laces!).

 Add Sneaker Suds premium soap right into the water.

Step Two: Soak the laces for 20 minutes.

Step Three: KNEAD Sneaker Suds Premium soap right into the laces and squeeze the dirt out. Repeat several times and you will see the laces brighten up.  

NO BLEACH or other chemicals are used!  

Bleach ROTS soft cotton laces !

Let Sneaker Suds Premium BOTANICAL soap do the work for you. 

Just knead and rinse as needed.

Step Five:  Rinse in HOT water.  Repeat kneading with soap and rinsing 

until the laces are bright white again! 

Results like this is what you can expect with Sneaker Suds botanical based premium soap.

It take a little elbow grease, or in this case knuckle grease but with kneading and rinsing you will see your white or color laces come back to life. 

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